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Optische Anstalt C. P. Goerz

Kameraproduzent, ab 1890 in Berlin-Friedenau. Stellte u.a. Kameras mit dem Anschütz-Verschluß her:
"Goerz is known primarily for Anschütz cameras, for Doppel-Anastigmat, Hypergon, Artar, Pantar, Tenaxiar, Tenastigmat, Hypar, Hycon, Certar, Gotar, Frontar, Dialyt, Syntor, Celor, Kalostigmat, Paraplanat, Choroskop, Lynkeioskop, Dogmar and the legendary Dagor camera lenses , and for Tengor and Tenax cameras, later continued by Zeiss Ikon. A specialty of Goerz were the cameras with "rouleau-shutter" since the company had the exclusive right to produce the fast focal plane shutter (1/1000sec.) that Ottomar Anschütz (1846-1907) had invented in 1883. These were mainly, but not exclusively, strut folding cameras, known as Ottomar Anschütz or Goerz Anschütz cameras, and many branded Ango as word derivation for Anschütz and Goerz. The first one was the Goerz-Anschütz Moment-Apparat of 1890, a box camera for 9x12cm plates with a good lens mounted on the front plate." (, 23.03.2015)

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Created Optische Anstalt C. P. Goerz
Intellectual creation Ottomar Anschütz (1846-1907)

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